There are no accidental meetings between souls. I believe that there is some sort of destiny to be able to meet customers, so I make sure I do my best and do things right by every customer I meet.

Kan Chan
DirectoratMode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

Stylists from Hong Kong are few and far between in Singapore but even fewer have experience with celebs and magazine photoshoots. It is hence very refreshing for us to meet Ken, a talented young stylist with over 13 years of experience at top salons in Hong Kong. 

Influenced by his previous training, Ken does his very best to impress from the beginning. He will first ensure that you're comfortable, ensuring that all beverages are provided. He will then commence a consultation and take time to understand what you want before sharing his professional opinion with you. If you have an ideal hairstyle in mind, Ken is the type of stylist who will do whatever it takes, however long it may be, to help you reach there. That's what he did for a bride-to-be who came to him with hair damaged by black box dye at 7pm; Ken stayed till midnight to help her fix her hair for her wedding a few days later. 

It is this level of care and attentiveness along with his easily-manageable dry cuts that make him stand out!

Definitely a stylist to look forward to for awesome service along with a stunning cut that adds flow and shape to the hair. 


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