Senior Stylist
atMi The Salon @ ION Orchard

Katherine Sia

“I will tell you honestly if I think that your hair condition cannot go for a particular hair service. However if there is any way for me to give you your ideal hairstyle, I would definitely take the time to help you achieve it… no matter how difficult it may be!”

Katherine Sia
Senior StylistatMi The Salon @ ION Orchard

Mi The Salon @ ION Orchard

ION Orchard

Beneath Katherine’s soft-spoken exterior hides a principled and extremely hardworking stylist whose advice you can be confident of trusting!

It can be difficult to design an outstanding colour that is suitable for work but Katherine will work with you to add shadows and different hair tones to bring out your natural features and still look professional. This makes her particularly popular among office ladies for subtle highlights and more daring colours that are still suitable for work!

Due to her interest in making sure that customers’ hair remain healthy, Katherine is also a great person to look for if you want to find out more about hair treatments. She doesn’t recommend hair services or products often but when she does, you know it is when you really need it and that the product or treatment is good!