Stylist (Only available for regular customers)
atAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Kazuki Tamura

My training in Vidal Sassoon London influenced my cutting style greatly. I don't just aim for hairstyles that look good; I think ahead, visualize the direction the hair grows and give them a cut so detailed and fine that the resulting hairstyle is one that is classy and easily maintainable.

Kazuki Tamura
Stylist (Only available for regular customers)atAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

Want a haircut that gets you compliments from your friends, your colleagues and your family? You absolutely have to try Tamura!

Almost 10 out of 10 customers who've gotten a haircut by him come back (with many bringing their friends and family here) because his haircut just looks so good at every angle... and is easily maintainable as well. This is a result of his very detailed cut, a skill learned from his previous Japanese master 12 years ago and later Vidal Sassoon London, where he spent a year honing his advanced cutting skills for both Asians and Caucasian hair.

Tamura's talent has allowed him to shine back at his previous Japanese salon where he frequently cut and styled for various Japanese idols and singers. Tamura even counts a Hong Kong actor as his paying customer back in Japan! He may be a Japanese stylist but Vidal Sassoon has changed his cutting style to be a little heavy (not so many layers), so you'll find that his cuts are exceptionally easily to manage. Definitely one of the best we've seen for Bob Haircuts!

He may be really popular back in Japan but we love how modest Tamura remains; you won't see him acting like a high-octane diva stylist throwing his weight around. Instead, you'll find Tamura very thoughtfully listening to your hair preferences and thinking about how he can design a hairstyle that best suits your needs.

Overall, a superstar stylist we're happy to uncover!

P.S. Tamura's training in London has made him more conversational in English than most Japanese stylists so you don't have to worry about miscommunication!