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I hope to make anyone who steps through the door such a wonderful experience that they'll come back for more!

Senior StylistatHaLu Hair Design

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River Valley Road

Aside from service, Keith is most demanded for easily manageable haircuts tailored for their face shape; customers rave about how his cuts make them look slimmer and younger immediately. He credits this to his strong training from previous salons where he learned to systematically cut the hair in such a way that the inner and outer line follows the flow of your natural hair growth, allowing his haircuts to last for a fairly long period of time. 

His eagerness to give customers' the best experience possible and his willingness to continue learning and improving has gradually earned him a following who love how he is able to give Japanese level service with the approachability of a fellow Singaporean. Although not super talkative, Keith is a very sincere stylist whose chats make the hair experience all the more enjoyable.

Specially handpicked by Daisuke to join Bump, Keith is one of the few Singaporean hairstylists who impresses with his service and attentiveness to details. He has after all, spent many years of experience as a hairstylist at some of the top Japanese salons in Singapore and has since internalized many aspects of Japanese service when attending to his own customers.

Keith may not be the most high-profile Singaporean stylist out there but with a sincere heart and great skill, he is definitely an easy stylist we love to recommend. 


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$208 for Cut + Color + Milbon Treatment for Senior Stylist (normal price is $260)

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$268 for Cut + Digital Perm + Milbon Treatment for Senior Stylist (normal price is $335)

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