“Don't underestimate the power of a hair makeover. If done well, a change in hairstyle can help you look at yourself differently and give you a newfound confidence so you can glow just that bit brighter!”

Senior StylistatProject Nails & Project Hair @ Jurong

Project Nails & Project Hair @ Jurong

Vision Exchange

There is usually a tradeoff between experience and enthusiasm; the longer a stylist is in the industry, the more they tend to lose some of the enthusiasm and passion they had for the trade at the beginning. 

This is clearly not the case for Ken. Always smiling and full of energy, Ken's love for hairdressing shows through in his detailed work, the caring way he treats every customer and his continuous drive for improvement. 

A stylist with strong basics, Ken is able to take years off your face with an age-appropriate cut that emphasizes on your best features while concealing features you may not be so confident about. These are techniques he learned in his 12 years as a hairdresser and also from the frequent hair workshops he goes for. In fact, he recently attended a Mazella & Palmer Course to learn from the very best on techniques to tame frizz with just haircuts! Aside from bob length haircuts, Ken is very popular for his C Curl perms as the service makes customers' hair extremely easy to manage while ensuring that they look chic out of bed.

Although his works are top notch, personality is possibly the major reason why customers come back to Ken. He cares about his customers and this shows in the many little ways he takes care of his customers. From the first moment you enter till the moment you leave, Ken will make sure that you feel comfortable whether in terms of temperature or whether you need beverages. Throughout the hair service, he will also explain what he is doing so that you understand what and why he is doing a specific service. Ken will also take the extra time to explain how you can maintain the hairstyle at home, often encouraging you to use what you already have instead of purchasing products you may not need. Even when its time for the salon to close, you'll find him unfailingly patient as he will stay with you all the way to make sure that the hair outcome is something you've always dreamed of.

Knowledgeable, friendly and caring, Ken is a hairstylist who you can expect nothing short of the best when you entrust your tresses to him!