General Manager and Stylist
atMichaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay


Love is designing hair for every customer, as if its my last.

General Manager and StylistatMichaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

New Bridge Rd

Raved by Construction Bosses (in Singapore), Beauty Queens, Stay-at-home Moms, Office Professionals, Bankers and Singers, Kenta leaves an overwhelmingly positive impression on each and every customer he serves. Although he is very handsome, it isn't just his good looks that get him into customers' good books; Kenta is among the most hardworking and proactive hairstylists we've seen! Whether it is your first visit or your 10th, Kenta does his best to make sure that you look good and feel good after every visit. 

9 out of 10 customers who've tried Kenta go back to him because he is fun to be around and also because of his skill in haircut and perm. This makes a hair experience with him much more engaging because he is able to converse with you about everything under the sun and make the hair experience that much more memorable. 

The best part is that you actually get a beautiful haircut / perm at the end of the conversation! Kenta has after all more than 10 years of experience as a hairstylist, most of it at a top hair salon in Tokyo, Minx. Google Minx and you'll find it to be one of Japan's most trendy and popular hair salons. That was probably why he counted a number of models and singers as paying customers back in Japan. 

Here in Singapore, he is particularly popular for his stylish perms and cuts that give customers volume while ensuring that it is still easily manageable. Take a look at his many perm photos to know what we mean! So in love with his sleek perms that increases volume without too much curls!

Overall, a MUST-TRY Japanese hairstylist we're confident you'll love in Michaela!

P.S. Kenta's schedule is pretty full so you may have to book ahead to get an appointment!