A lot of customers find it hard to articulate the hairstyle they really want. By being more sensitive to what they are saying and seeing things from their perspective, I am able to pinpoint their exact hairstyle concept and deliver it beyond their expectations.

Kent Chung
Master DirectoratNo. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

Vision Exchange

There are some hairstylists who go into hairdressing for the money and then, there are some who go into the industry because this is their passion, their life. 

From the way he handles each customer's hair and the high levels of standards he sets for himself, it is clear that Kent belongs to the latter. With the strong belief that every customer is a walking portfolio of his work, Kent makes sure that every haircut and colour is done to perfection even if it takes a little more time. Maybe because he is more observant than most and because of his strong hairdressing skill, customers can't help but be impressed by how he can read their minds to produce the haircut and colour they've always dreamed of. In fact, his regular customers are so confident in him that they don't specify their hairstyle preference anymore!

Although great with haircuts, we find his hair colours outstanding. He knows just how to match the colours and place them at just the right place to give a unique look not seen on anywhere else. His colours and cuts are also very versatile; a change in parting and a simple ponytail can yield a very different look due to the way he incorporated the colour. Kent is not very talkative but we like how he is always helping to think from the customer's perspective, to design hairstyles while minimizing their maintenance and their cost. 

Overall, a hairstylist with great skill, attitude and service... someone you can trust to take care of your tresses for life!