At the end of it all, I want to make my customers happy. Happy during their time with me and happy with the haircut they get from me back at home!

Koji Endo
Director StylistatMichaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

New Bridge Rd

Japanese Stylists are notoriously known for their "airy haircuts" that often require styling to achieve the volume effect we expect to see in magazines.

That's fortunately not how Koji designs hair. To him, a good hairstyle is one that is seriously wash and wear, meaning that it must look good even without blowdrying! Having worked in Shanghai and Singapore for 3 years each (on top of 13 years in Japan), he knows how time-starved Singaporean and Chinese women are and have therefore adapted his cutting techniques accordingly to suit our needs and make us happy. 

Koji is in fact famous for being one of the best in Singapore for dry cuts. He doesn't shampoo first and in fact, prefer to work on customer's waves and styling before shampooing to see how his cut will look like. As a result, maintenance for his haircuts always turn out effortless because he starts the haircut with the end in mind. It doesn't matter if you have naturally thin or pong hair because he knows what to do to help you achieve sleek and elegant hair even without blowdrying... he is so good that his customers often get inquiries from others about where they do their hair!

Techniques aside, Koji is a very jovial person who smiles a lot. A number of customers say that he is pretty humorous as he is always smiling, even though he himself claims that he is not good at telling jokes. His English is understandable although not that fluent so you may not find him talking through the service. Still, he is fun to have around, particularly if you share his passion on cooking, eating and reading!

A skillful hairstylist you can count on for a great haircut!


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