Hair is in my soul. It may sound strange but I think about hair ALL THE TIME, even in my dreams!

Leonard Ng
StylistatWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Leonard may not be the most outspoken stylist out there but don't dismiss him because of his quiet nature. Well versed in highlights, two-tones, ash, creative colours, ombres and balayage, there isn't a colouring technique this homegrown Singaporean stylist isn't familiar with. This is all thanks to his over 10 years of experience at some of Singapore's most trendy salons that made him really good at designing some of the most instagrammable hair colours in WOS. 

For Leonard, every experience starts with you, or rather, a detailed consultation to help him better understand your needs and your style. He doesn't just match the hair design to your facial features but goes the extra distance to match it with your lifestyle and even your current and future outfits. You can also count on him to think about the long-term effects of any particular hairstyle and give you his professional take on what works best. 

We've only seen him chat at length about hairstyling tips and hair care, but next time you're in a session with him, mention TVB dramas or horror movies and you just may get him going! This well-dressed man is secretly a fan of Pee Mak and Thai horror movies!

Overall, a considerate stylist who thinks forward and considers it his responsibility to help customers achieve their dream hairstyle. 


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