Skill is important but beyond that, the genuine warmth and heart to serve customers and make them happy is what I think makes a great therapist.

TherapistatCIVASAN Laboratories @ Mandarin Gallery

CIVASAN Laboratories @ Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery

We've chatted with many facial therapists but this is the first time we actually met a facial therapist who received a degree in Skincare.

This may be the reason why Lily is one of the few who actually knows why AND how certain ingredients and machines are beneficial in solving specific skincare problems. It was really fun chatting with her as the young and bubbly Lily share with us so many interesting titbits about skincare we never knew before... and she does so in fluent English! She has after all been in Singapore for more than 3 years now and so has picked up quite a bit of Singlish that makes her very easy to communicate with.

On top of her outgoing and youthful energy, customers love how her massage feels SO heavenly. As her previous experience was at a massage salon, Lily has picked up a number of techniques to knead away customers' worries and tensions away even as she is doing the facial. 

Lily is overall a Korean facial therapist you'll find easy to come back to again and again, thanks to solid skills and strong foundation in skincare knowledge that will get you understanding your own skin better.