Creative Director, Founder
atPrix Salon @ Funan Mall North Bridge Road

Linus Loh

Fashion changes but Style endures. I believe that it is more important to help customers discover a style they can confidently carry, 24/7.

Linus Loh - Prix Salon @ Funan Mall North Bridge Road
Linus Loh
Creative Director, FounderatPrix Salon @ Funan Mall North Bridge Road

Prix Salon @ Funan Mall North Bridge Road

Funan Mall

Take a look at his gorgeous colours and you'll know why he was chosen to be Shiseido's Artistic Ambassador.

Bright yet understated, Linus is able to balance between trendy and wearability. The secret, he says, is not being overly impatient.

Many of these colours can be achieved overnight but would not be optimal due to the damage. Going lighter over time would also allow customers to better judge how comfortable they are at maintaining the colour. While it makes perfect sense, not as many stylists out there have this level of consideration and experience to deliver colours the way Linus is able to — a reason why many customers choose to travel all the way from Tampines and Jurong to get their hair done by him.

While best known for colours, Linus' 13 years as a Director at a top Japanese hair salon have also trained him to be one of the best in bob and pixie haircuts. They don't just look good, he cuts according to the hair growth pattern, making the cut more easily maintainable!

I don't know if it's clear by now but yes, we think Linus is a gem who you should definitely check out!


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