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StylistatAqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard

Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard

Delfi Orchard

"Awesome!" - that's the word most customers use when describing their experience with Lisa. She may not be the most talkative Korean stylist we've met but her patience, willingness to go the extra mile to serve customers and give treatments without charging too much add-ons and most of all, beautiful hair outcomes have earned her scores of customers over her last 10 years in Singapore! 

You'll understand why customers love her so much, once you get to get your hair cut or permed by her. It’s not a one size fits all approach with her as she first understands what the customer wants and analyses what will look best on the individual before delving into the hair design. The eventual perm and haircut therefore turns out exactly what customers are looking for, making them come back again and again and bringing their friends and family in tow!

Despite not being someone who enjoys the limelight, Lisa has a huge loyal clientele base who knew her through word of mouth referrals. She is especially popular among doctors, bankers and teachers who love how she can make them look glamorous with minimum fuss. You'll also find that Lisa will refuse to perm your hair if it is too damaged, preferring to cut your hair till your healthy hair is ready for a perm. Her specialty lies in haircuts and perms for both men and ladies; even if you don't get to perm your hair, a single snip by her can yield you compliments from all around you!

With her wonderful hair outcomes, customer centric service, fluent command of English, continuous drive to improve herself as well as approachable personality, we're not surprised why Lisa has won many customers over and why customers were searching all over from Lisa when she moved from her previous hair salon to Aqua! 

Overall, a warm and genuine Korean hairstylist who leaves you looking forward to your next hair appointment