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atJeric Salon @ ION Orchard


Maggie- Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

When customers let you do their hair, they also trust you with their heart.

Senior Lead StylistatJeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

ION Orchard

You can see it in the twinkle of her eye, hear it in the variation of her voice.. there's something about Maggie that tells you she does hair with all her heart. Growing up and watching her father transform pieces of wood into beautiful sculptures, Maggie understood at a young age that there's beauty in everything - what you need is someone who can carve out the potential. It is this belief that got her through the toughest of times working crazy hours in top salons in Taiwan where she learned her craft and finally found her calling as a hairdresser. But this stylist also has her feet firmly planted in the ground - that's why you won't catch her talking about her experiences working with celebrities such as Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen, or her many features in top Taiwanese newspapers while she was in Toni & Guy Taipei. 

Instead, what Maggie holds dear are her many customers she keeps in contact with over the past 11 years. Despite her Taiwanese background, Maggie enjoys a huge following even among non-Chinese in Singapore thanks to her skills in perming and rebonding. Despite the initial language barrier when she first moved to Singapore, Maggie worked hard and quickly grasped what her customers needed. She's since helped a number of non-Chinese customers tame their frizz while ensuring they keep their natural curls. Customers with naturally straight hair, on the other hand, love how she's able to give them natural #iwokeuplikethis curls.

She's even saved the life of one of her customers, who has now become her avid spokesperson. During a hair wash on a random hair visit, the very observant Maggie noticed an unnatural lump near this customer's neck. She advised the customer to have it checked out and it turned out to be malignant. Thanks to early detection, the customer went through chemotherapy and recovered - all thanks to a hairstylist who paid attention.

If you're looking for a stylist to deliver a great makeover and build a strong relationship with, we're confident that you'll fall in love with Maggie!