Facial Therapist and Nailist
atQueen’s Market @ Tanjong Pagar


I want to make every customer feel refreshed, rejuvenated and beautiful!

Mami - Queen’s Market @ Tanjong Pagar
Facial Therapist and NailistatQueen’s Market @ Tanjong Pagar

Queen’s Market @ Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar Road

The facials in Queen's Market uses only hands (no machines!) and utilizes only Japanese products such as the Largo moisture cream. When combined with Mami's awesome facial massage skills, you may find your face looking smaller immediately after the facial as it helps to reduce water retention! The herbal peel also helps to clarify the skin and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

On top of effectiveness, a great facial experience is painless and accompanied by gentle facial massage that makes you feel oh-so-good. With her gentle yet firm facial massage and conscientious skill to ensure as painless an experience as possible, it is not surprising to find Mami is really popular among customers especially for herbal peels and lymphatic massage facials!

We also love it that Mami has quite a good command of English. Therefore she is able to comfortably converse with customers, whether it is about facials, work or even relationships!

Overall, a facial therapist who is easy to love! She also does nail services and eyelash extensions well so do chat with her to understand more!