Manami- Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Hair is not just my work. It's my love, my life, my everything!

DirectoratWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Ever experienced going to many different hairstylists but unable to find get the hairstyle you're looking for? That's what happened to Manami. When she was a teenager, Manami went around all the stylists she could find to cut and manage her thick and wavy mane but failed to find one that she can be 100% satisfied with. This led her on a lifelong journey to learn about hair and how to manage it herself.

10 years on, Manami didn't just learn how to manage her own hair; she travelled to many places around the world - Japan, New York, Germany, Singapore to help ladies and men resolve their hair problems and in the process, became a stylist who is strong across many different hair services and hair textures. In Japan, she learned how to customize the haircut according to customers' face shape, head shape and hair condition. In Germany and in New York, she learned how to do highlights the Hollywood and European way and in Singapore, she learned about how to adapt her hairstyles easily manageable in our humid weather. Beyond a deep-seated confidence, Manami's varied experiences gift her with an astute intuition that allows her to grasp customer's preferences really quickly. 

She doesn't just rely on her intuition though. Manami takes the effort to chat with customers to find out more about his/her needs and preferences. She then notes them down so that she can make use of that information for the customer's future visits. Yes, she's that hardworking! In fact, the conscientious Manami will even perform a colour test on a section of your existing hair to confirm if that's the final result you're looking for. 

Overall, one of the most conscientious and talented Japanese stylists whom we'd highly recommend for colour and haircut in Singapore!

P.S. Manami speaks English really fluently so you don't have to worry about miscommunication. 


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