I dedicate my time, effort, and energy into making sure my customers get the best possible outcome.

Senior StylistatLeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

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Do you remember what your dream job as a child was? For Marcus, it’s always been hairdressing. Both his parents were hairstylists so he’s always had a penchant for hair.

Well, Marcus specialises in pretty Princess-like perms that look like they were achieved using a curling iron. While most hairstylists will tell you that tong-style curls are not possible, Marcus has put his heart and soul (plus his blood, sweat, and tears) into learning and improving his skill.

Then, passion blossomed and he found deep satisfaction in helping customers.

He worked in Malaysia for over a decade and when he was working in a salon in JB, many of his customers were based in Singapore. Now that he’s moved to Singapore, his customers are staying here to get their hair done by him.

You know something’s special when customers travel for their hairstylist!

During his holidays in Secondary school, he started helping out in his parents’ salon to keep him out of trouble. Although he viewed it as a great source of income, he didn’t actually enjoy it until 2 years passed.

His customers love his ability to combine haircuts and perms to create the best possible hairstyle for them. Additionally, his easy-going and chatty personality means he feels more like a friend that a hairstylist, which always makes customers feel comfortable.

This is why he’s able to create a perm exactly as he pictured in his mind.

Marcus is a zealous hairstylist who you should pay a visit to! P.S. He understands English, but his preferred language for communication is Mandarin.