My own natural wavy curls meant that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can do to manage curly hair. Now that I know all the techniques possible, I hope to share some of these secrets with customers who face the same problem!

StylistatSIL Hair Artistry @ Bugis Arab Street

SIL Hair Artistry @ Bugis Arab Street

Arab Street

There are many Japanese stylists in Singapore but few leave us so impressed after a hair service the way Mashi did. Within a few minutes of the consultation, Mashi is able to grasp exactly what Singapore ladies are looking for and delivered beautifully with a flawless cut that bring out one's natural curls! He credits it to his 15 years of training as a hairdresser and 6 years in Singapore, which helped him better learn about the taste and preferences of Singapore ladies. 

And he certainly has a following... especially among ladies with curly hair! Maybe because of his own naturally wavy curly hair, Mashi has done extensive research on his own to modify his cutting style to tame curly hair and give them back the bounce with just a cut. For curly haired ladies who wish to straighten their hair, he has also mastered rebonding in such a way that the hair regrowth wouldn't be made so obvious and will instead look natural. It is no wonder why he is so popular with ladies with curly hair!

To us though, it isn't just his skill that is good. Mashi comes across as a very sincere and honest person who truly wants to make the experience a good one for you. We enjoy the conversation with him as we talk about hair and non-hair topics ranging from travel to food and family! 

 Mashi is certainly a stylist you can establish rapport with and one we would recommend readily to be your forever stylist!