Senior Stylist
atGATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza

Mei Wei

What you see is what you get. It is important to me that I’m my real self, truthful and trustworthy in front of all my customers, sharing only proven hair advice and offering genuine professional opinion to help them.

Mei Wei
Senior StylistatGATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza

GATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza

Affectionately referred to as 大姐 (or Big Sister) , Mei Wei's bubbly personality and openness have led her to develop lasting friendships with some of her customers, so much so that she gets invited to holidays, birthday parties and weddings (most of which, she'll try to attend!)

More like a buddy than a hairstylist, Mei Wei makes every hair experience a memorable one. We can talk to her about everything under the sun from hair-related topics to relationships, jobs, life and she will respond with enthusiasm, making her really fun to talk to!

As much as she enjoys joking with customers, Mei Wei treats hairdressing itself very seriously. She's always learning and improving her skills to ensure that her haircut remains easily manageable. As she is very attentive with the details, customers and Jacky himself find that the structuring of her haircut is very strong, making it easy for the shape of the haircut to last for a very long time. This is possibly the reason why she is very popular for classy bob ladies' cuts and men for professional work-friendly undercuts.

We especially love her men's haircuts as it just makes the male customer look that much more sharp! Men who've tried her haircut also love her scalp treatment due to her amazing head massage, something she learned in her past experience at a scalp centre! 

A perfect stylist to go to for a perk-me-up for both your hair and your day!