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atZinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk

Mew's journey into the world of styling was ignited by a profound curiosity about the transformative power of hair. From his early days as a self-taught enthusiast, Mew's commitment to his craft propelled his from a hands-on hair assistant to a dynamic and accomplished stylist, distinguished by his relatable and pragmatic approach.

What sets Mew apart is his unwavering dedication to growth and refinement. To his, beauty is an ever-evolving tapestry, and he relentlessly hones his skills to weave together the perfect look for each client. With an impressive proficiency in both colour and hairstyling, Mew can seamlessly blend the natural with the striking, creating a harmonious balance that suits diverse preferences.

Mew's canvas extends beyond hair; he's a perceptive artist who considers the entire portrait. By delving into his clients' individuality, he tailors his advice to not only match skin tone, makeup, and daily routines but also resonate with personal style and preferences. his discerning eye for detail ensures that every aspect of the transformation aligns with his client's unique identity.

At Zinc Salon, Mew's passion is contagious, and his artistic prowess is palpable. He believes that true beauty is a journey, and he guides his clients through this voyage with a blend of expertise and empathy. Each appointment is an opportunity for Mew to contribute to the evolution of his clients' confidence and self-expression. As a cherished member of the Zinc Salon team, Mew elevates every client experience, infusing it with his artistic vision and dedication to helping clients unveil their most authentic and captivating selves.

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$100 for Cold Perm for any hair length with Stylist MJ during weekdays only

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50% OFF All Hair services by Stylist Su-a. Promotional Discount is not applicable to Haircut and Colour touch up service. Valid for First Time Customer during weekdays only

Colour, Perm, Men, Straight, Styling, Treatment

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$15 for Scalp Scaling Treatment if you book any hair service appointment with GT in April during Weekdays only


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