Senior Stylist
atDu Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Mikhaila Ji Eun

My customers are my unni, my oppa and my chingu (sisters, brothers and friends). More than just a beautiful hairstyle, I want to light up their day and change their lives bit by bit for the better!

Mikhaila Ji Eun
Senior StylistatDu Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Scotts Square

If you hear any full-throated laughs from Du Sol, it's likely to come from Mikhaila and her customers. 

A truly fun and friendly hairstylist, Mikhaila makes us feel as if we've known her forever the moment we sat down and talk to her. It is very easy to go off-topic, talking about non-hair issues because Mikhaila is just that genuine and easy to talk to. We love how she stays with you throughout and not pass the work to the assistants, preferring to do most of the hair work herself as she cherishes the time to communicate with each customer!

Don't dismiss her skills just because she's friendly though. Armed with diplomas in nail artistry and makeup, Mikhaila is very good at matching hairstyles to the overall look. Always buzzing with ideas, she always helps customers see a new version of themselves by combining the new haircut/perm with a new makeup profile that she may suggest. Her regular customers, therefore, love how they are never bored with Mikhaila as she gives them a new look each time! 

Her works, though influenced by Korean celebrity stylist Hyam Mi, Mikhalia has developed her individual style that comes from spending time communicating with customers and customizing treatments that cater to the hair texture and hair condition of each individual! 

A Korean hairstylist who makes the entire hair experience so enjoyable, you'd barely realize that 3 hours have passed!