Customers trust me to put the best products on their skin. That's why I take the time to understand every single treatment, try it for myself and understand their effects so that I can recommend the right treatment for every customer!

Facial TherapistatGeranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

Geranium Skin Boutique @ Lavender MRT Horne Rd

BH Building

Miko may look young but the bubbly therapist has already had more than 12 years of experience as a facial therapist! Her extensive experience may be a reason why her facial massage are so well reviewed among her customers. Light and firm at the right places, the care she puts into the massage comes through; a very pampering experience!

Massage aside, Miko takes the effort to share what she's doing at every step and why. We love how she is able to articulate the effects of the treatment and how it affects the skin... definitely a therapist who knows what she's doing!

She's especially partial to Brightening Vitamin C facial and the Caviar treatment at Geranium. This is because she sees the most immediate brightening and moisturizing results for her customers from the treatments!