Senior Lead Stylist
atJeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Milcah Gee

Milcah Gee- Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Doing hair is like visiting a new country. You don't just get a chop and leave; you take your time and discover something new about the hair.. and yourself. 

Milcah Gee
Senior Lead StylistatJeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

ION Orchard

There are many stylists in Singapore but how many can say that they've styled hair for MTV, Channel V, magazines such as Expat Living, Her World, Men's Folio and Women's Weekly and even celebrities the likes of Armin van Buuren and Shirley Bassey?

Her reputation are not just for show. Unlike 90% of stylists in Singapore, Milcah's skills is so solid that she is able to tell your hair's undertone within seconds of consultation and apply the colour formula to reach the exact hair colour you're looking for. Customers rave about how she is just like a "photocopy machine" as she can replicate whatever colour you request for in photos - even if your hair is of African descent! Milcah won't just go ahead and do everything you're asking for though. Due to her experience as a hairstylist, she will share her professional opinion to help you reach what she calls "dimensional hair" : natural hairstyles that brings out your inner WOW without needing you to style your hair too much. This may mean going for brazilian blowouts to add shine and bounce or perhaps lightening your hair over time rather than doing it all in one session. 

She's not just good with colours and styling though. Thanks to her practice backstage, Milcah is very quick with her fingers and haircuts! If you're really busy, you can head into the salon and get out within 45 minutes - all with your hair perfectly cut, blown dry and styled. Make time for her if you can though; Milcah is a treasure trove of interesting stories of her time in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and even UK, so it is really fun just to chat with her. 

Overall, a hidden gem of a celebrity stylist we're excited to uncover in Jeric Salon.