No matter how far I’ve come, I always remind myself how it was like on my first day of work as a hairdresser. The heart to serve customers, the passion and the drive to continuously improve are what I want my customers to remember about me.

StylistatAqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard

Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard

Delfi Orchard

Mina may have just joined Aqua not too long ago but she has already made an impression with her vibrant ash colouring that is currently trending in Korea! After all, she's one of the few Korean stylists who is strong in colouring and bleaching techniques; back in Korea, she has even bleached and coloured the hair for TV celebrities from the famous Korean Gag Concert TV programme. Mina is therefore the girl to go to for crazy hair colours in Aqua!

Although specializing in colours, her basics in haircut and perm is strong given her 7 year experience as a stylist as well as background as a graduate of Hoseo University in Seoul, majoring in Hair Design studies. In fact, she also holds a Diploma in Trichology from The Trichology Society in South Korea, graduating Top 3 in her cohort. Therefore, do ask her if you have any queries about your scalp as she is an expert in understanding scalp issues and providing you with everyday solutions as well. 

She may not be as fluent in English as the other stylists in Aqua but her eagerness to make customers happy more than makes up for the lack of fluency. Very attentive, she makes sure that you feel comfortable at the salon and with her and most importantly, ensures that she knows what you want so that you can achieve the hairstyle you're looking for. Not someone who walks away in the middle of the hair service, Mina also takes extreme care to make sure that the hair turns out well, something we appreciate. 

Definitely someone you can entrust your tresses to!