If Customers are happy, I'm Happy.

StylistatWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

It’s hard not to break into a smile when you see the cheery Misa greeting you with her warm and positive energy. A stylist who truly believes in the exchange of emergy, or in her simple but oh-so-brilliant way of putting it, “They happy, I’m happy.”, Misa's uplifting personality is a reason why so many office OLs (both local and Japanese!) look forward to hair visits with her.

Misa doesn't just have a heart of gold however. She brings with her great skill in haircuts that are famed for their beautiful silhouette and easy manageability. As Misa cuts hair according to customers' head shape and how the hair grows, customers find that her haircuts last longer and gives them a softer edge. She is also well-versed in hair arrangement and makeup, having done various styling for photoshoots, weddings, and dance competitions. With those experiences, she is able to guide you on how to create the perfect look, for example pairing makeup with the pixie cut for that sensational Emma Watson look. You'll also be glad to know that you don’t need Emma’s paycheque to maintain the new look as her haircuts are easy to maintain! She even has a customer who even after moving to the UK would still get their hair done specifically by her whenever they return to visit Singapore every 6 months. 

Overall, a stylist radiating with positive energy, specializing in short hairstyles and creative colours!

P.S. There is still room for improvement for Misa's command of English at the moment, so do bring along a reference photo and speak to her in short and concise sentences to avoid any miscommunications. 


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