Salon Manager & Top Stylist
atBump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista (Closed)


Life is an adventure. If I've got the opportunity, I would like to try anything and everything at least once in my life!

Salon Manager & Top StylistatBump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista (Closed)

Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista (Closed)

Rochester Mall

Talk to Misaki and you'll find that she's probably among the coolest Japanese stylist you'll meet in Singapore. Nope, we don't mean that her attitude is frosty; on the contrary, Misaki has a very warm personality and can be pretty cute when you get to know her. Instead, there is a certain composure and carefree quality in her that hints of the many life adventures she had experienced in the past.

She is no novice, especially in the area of hairdressing. She studied hair design in London and New York and worked at one of Japan's biggest salon chain Kenji Group. She's so good that she attained the position of Top Stylist in their popular Tokyo outlet, something she attribtued to her skill in design colour. While strong across all colour techniques, Misaki's personal love for greys have driven her to experiment with many different tones of greys to achieve unique colour tones seldom seen in Japan or in Singapore. This include grayge, beige and sombre grey-brown that look very stylish and super natural! This earned her lots of fans among top soccer players in Japan and fashionable customers who look to her trend-setting colours for inspiration. You don't have to tell her exactly what you want and she can customize a ash hair colour that will get you lots of compliments afterwards!

There is still room for improvement for her command of English but is overall a cool hairstylist we're confident will do a great job in colouring!