I don't hardsell because that's not my style. I prefer to give customers great service and a haircut they like so that they will come back for more!

Senior StylistatProject Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

Project Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

East Coast Road

Somehow, Moi reminds me a little of Gary from Running Man. Moi may look cool on the outside but is a pretty fun stylist to have around once you get to know her. She can be really quiet if she senses that you're looking for some peace and calm during your cut. However, Moi is one of those who will crack a few jokes if you're looking to spice up your hair experience. 

Her personality and proficiency in haircuts make her especially popular for men's haircuts. Whether fade or professional men's haircut, she is able to deliver a stylish and easy-to-style hair that customers love and come back for. Men hoping to get more volume will also like her Men's Perm that will result in increased volume without making your hair too curly.

Men's haircut aside, she surprises her customers with beautiful gradation and ombre colours, making her a good choice for hair colours in Project Hair as well!