Eyelash Extension ExpertatKJStudio by COVO @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd & East Coast Road

KJStudio by COVO @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd & East Coast Road

Keong Saik Rd , East Coast Road

You're not the only one mesmerized by how gorgeous Momoko (and her eyes) look.

An expert in beauty and fashion, Momoko first picked up eyelash extension to give herself glamorous eyelashes even after her makeup is removed. She eventually got certified as a eyelash specialist after learning from a top Japanese academy and has been helping ladies dress up their eyes since 8 years ago!

Whether you are 16 or 60, she takes the effort to design eyelashes according to your eye and face shape to bring out the best of your features. Hence, her lash extension look especially natural. 

On top of her very natural eyelash design, customers love how she makes an effort to understand their preferences and chat with them. Momoko is pretty fluent in English so we found it very easy to talk to her and get our queries answered. Her touch is also lighter than other eyelash specialists so the experience is more comfortable than usual. 

Overall, a very experienced lash therapist you can rely on!