Feminity, to me, is the ultimate form of sophistication. My haircuts and perms always incorporate a balance of strength and softness that I believe symbolizes the modern woman.

StylistatWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

If you are wondering who that pretty stylist in the Walking on Sunshine is, well, it's most likely Nicole. A fashionista who spouts a different look each day, Nicole fires the imagination of her customers who often requests for the hairstyle and even outfit she's wearing. For her, the most beautiful lady is one who is feminine on the outside and strong on the inside, a reason why you'll find her hairstyles to be similarly balanced. 

Not too soft, not too wavy, Nicole's colour and perms tread a fine line between sophistication and understated beauty that got customers so in love with her hairstyles. Her strong skill in both can possibly attributed to her 10 years of hairdressing experience in both Singapore and Australia as well as her shopaholic tendencies - as she loves to shop, Nicole is always kept abreast of latest blogshop trends and what hairstyles best matches the newest trend. 

Skill isn't the only thing that customers love about Nicole though. While not too talkative, Nicole is approachable and fun to chat with; she knows who the popular celebrities are, what they're wearing right now as well as the best places to go in Singapore for that awesome lash extension. If you're into beauty, Nicole is definitely the stylist you can vibe with.

Overall, a genuine, fun and skillful hairstylist who makes the entire hair experience so enjoyable and memorable you'll look forward to your next visit with her!


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