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Stylists are like a second doctor, but instead of the body, I try to medicate their heart. Beauty is texture, when a handicraft is of quality, it is beautiful.

StylistatWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

That quote above forms the driving spirit of what guides Nik in his hairstyling journey. Those who have followed him know his vision towards his hairstyling practice is a very holistic one. With over 8 years of experience in this industry, Nik has taken what he learnt from his experience both in Singapore and in Taiwan, and has truly redefined the meaning of the word “craft”.

From the moment he won the first prize at his University’s hairstyling competition, he knew this was a talent he needed to hone. Since then he has reached great heights, even taking part in styling for the Audi Fashion Shows and Taka Fashion Shows. Nik approaches hairstyling not just as a cosmetic procedure, but more as a piece of art, and relishes the chance to create an art piece perfect for every customer that comes to him.

Nik considers himself a “therapist for the soul” through his hairstyling, determined not only to refresh one’s image through their outer beauty, but striving to enhance their inner beauty through the new hairstyle he creates. He believes that hairstyling can change your heart, and coaches his clients to bring out different facets of their personality through their styling of their hair at home. His long-time specialities include Perming especially for the S-curls & J-curls, and for Colouring, he prefers to use more natural brown colours as an enhancement to the natural look.

Clients who go to Nik love his extra attention to detail and service. Attentive, yet soft-spoken, clients feel safe and pampered in his hands, and he tries to go the extra mile to make them comfortable during his session, even going so far as to help them with their bags, and send them off at the lifts to make sure everything is okay till the end. Always constantly looking to upgrade his skills, he even makes the effort to observe how higher end restaurants and shops operate so as to be able to emulate the high-class service standard he aims for.

With both years of experience in his portfolio, and his penchant for quality service, we highly recommend Nik at Walking On Sunshine, for the customer who appreciates the holistic, therapeutic nature of hairstyling, looking for a change in their life.


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