Removing frizz can go a long way in transforming how you look. I've dedicated much of my hairdressing life helping ladies remove their frizz through Korean Original Volume Rebonding methods and helping Men remove unwanted volume for a better sculpted cut.

Nik Kim
StylistatLa Source Hair Salon @ Thong Teck Building

La Source Hair Salon @ Thong Teck Building

Thong Teck Building

Having sent numerous Beauty Undercover agents down to get their hair done by Nik at his previous salons, we can safely say that Nik is one of our favourite Korean hairstylists for volume rebonding. No matter what type of frizz it is - genetically curly, wavy frizz or even bleached and chemically damaged frizz, Nik is able to tame them into place with the Original Korean Volume Rebonding method, a skill he honed over the past 19 years as a hairdresser in both Korea and Singapore.

His Volume Rebonding doesn't just straighten the hair, it truly gives customers the volume as he carefully does a perm near the roots while straightening the hair. Hence, customers actually find that their hair is more voluminous after. Given that the newer Korean stylists are not taught this time-consuming but very effective way of Volume Rebonding, Nik is one of the few selected Korean stylists who can do this SO WELL.

Volume rebonding aside, Nik is MOST POPULAR among men for his down perms. In just 15 minutes, he is able to help manage your thick coarse hair that sticks out at the side for Korean-star-like side burns!

Other than Volume Rebonding and down perms, customers (both male and female) love him for his sculpted haircuts. He takes longer than the usual stylist but the attentiveness and the detail of his cut make the difference in the resulting hairstyle. Ladies, you'll find that your hair naturally curls inwards (instead of outwards) after his haircut and that the shape lasts for months! Men will also love how he reduces your hair volume on the side and simulates a down perm with haircut alone to make your hair look more voluminous at the top. 

He doesn't talk much but this is one talented and hardworking stylist you can fully trust for a stylish yet easily-manageable hairstyle.

P.S. Nik has been in Singapore for about 8 years now and so has a pretty good command of English! So you don't have to worry about miscommunication as he understands local preferences really well.