Olivia- LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

I believe that if I put my customer first and think from their perspective, they'll feel it too!

Senior StylistatLeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

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We may be talking to her for the first time but Olivia made us feel as if we've known her for years. Was it her sincerity, honesty and openness perhaps? There's zero selling from her as she does her best to listen to our problems whether hair or non-hair related and tries her best to solve them.

Finding your hair looking a little dull? She may suggest a pop of colour or a perm to add some sass. Is your scalp feeling itchy and pinking a little pinkish? She'll add some scalp protector in the colour and also recommend some tips to wash your hair more gently to reduce the sensitivity. Worried about how to maintain the hair back at home? Olivia will demonstrate and patiently share some styles you can achieve in less than 5 minutes. It is this heart for customers that got us feeling right at home with her the moment we sat in her chair. 

Don't underestimate her skill just because she's friendly though. This is one stylist who has a strong following among businessmen and even local celebrities thanks to her amazing colour and cut; her hairstyle is known to last for months thanks to the detail she puts in when cutting and colouring the hair. 

Olivia may not be the most high profile stylist you come across but with her genuine care and skill, is definitely one who'll steal your heart.