My customers’ time are very precious so I make sure that I never fail them.

DirectoratJuz Salon @ Mandarin Gallery Somerset

Juz Salon @ Mandarin Gallery Somerset

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Patrick may be the boss of Malaysian salon chain The Colorshop, stylist for Brunei Royalty and has even styled for Ministers and their families … but you wouldn’t know that from his modest and down-to-earth personality. Whether you are a multimillionaire (he has quite a few on his loyal client list) or just a normal working professional, Patrick accords everyone with the same respect, dedicating as much of himself to each and every customer. He is NEVER late and always ensures that the haircut is stylish and appropriate for your work. His familiarity with the finance industry also means that he is a great person to talk to if you have an interest in equities or in the economy as a whole.

While well-versed across all haircut styles, Patrick is most known for his precision cuts. Many female bosses find that he is able to bring out their strong personality and help them look more assertive at work with his signature short haircuts. Due to the strong lines, his haircuts can stay for 2-3 months! He is however most popular among male customers as his haircut is able to help them bring out more volume in their crown!