Director Stylist
atHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Qiu Wong

Qiu Wong- HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

A good hairstyle is multi-faceted and should consider the cutting style, texture as well as colour. I love to help customers design a look that takes into consideration all three for a more wholesome hair outcome!

Qiu Wong
Director StylistatHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza

Qiu is a little quiet but get to know her and you'll love how this jiejie of a stylist will get you your dream hairstyle - exactly the way you want it.

Not one to leave any stone unturned, Qiu is the type of stylist who makes sure that every detail is taken care of. From the level of tension to make the curls look bouncy to the cutting style required to make the fringe falls at just the right place, Qiu takes care of every single element to get her customers looking perfect. Even if it is your first time perming, you don't have anything to worry because her extensive 12 years of experience will get your hair looking superbly insta-worthy at the end of 3 hours. She will take into consideration your experience in caring for perms to design curls that are suitable for you - looser perms if it is your first time and tighter perms for your subsequent perms to make sure that it lasts longer. She also makes sure that she keeps in touch with latest trends so that the eventual outcome will definitely get you likes on your IG.

If time permits, Qiu would even go the extra mile to help with complimentary light makeup to help you complete the desired look and even discuss about outfit suggestions to see how the perm may suit you. It is this sense of aesthetic and willingness to go the extra mile that makes her so popular among customers in the past 12 years.

Skill aside, Qiu feels like a sister who'd lovingly put you at ease. She doesn't talk much but would occasionally insert some jokes during the hair experience to reassure you. She is also very attentive and would top up your water even before you get thirsty and and does her best to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

Overall, a reliable hairstylist we would gladly leave our tresses with!


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