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It isn't good enough for me that a haircut and perm looks good on the day of the visit. I want to give my customers the most value with perms that still look amazing 6-9 months down the line.

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Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

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Korean stylists may be all the rage but this Taiwanese stylist made a name for herself as the Queen(ie) of perms in Singapore. She doesn’t just make sure that the perm looks good, Queenie puts in extra thought to make sure that the perm lasts a minimum of 6 months, something few other stylists dare promise. Queenie attributes this to a priorization of hair health as well as the hair design to ensure that the curls remain healthy and bouncy after the perm.

Talk to any one of her customers and you’ll hear them rave about how her perm isn’t too soft, nor too wavy - just right and natural looking – even 6 months after! But it isn’t just ladies perm she does well in. Many of her customers brought their husbands, boyfriends and even sons to her as her men’s haircut and perm have boosted the confidence of many.

Queenie attributes her 15 years of experience in Taiwan and Singapore as well as persistent drive to seek feedback as the reason for her skill; she doesn’t just move on to the next hairstyle each time a customer comes back but takes the effort to seek feedback on her last perm. It is this emphasis that helps her to design better and better hairstyles as she grasp the preferences of every single customer and improve on it.

Even though her perm is pretty amazing, Queenie is not yet active on social media, making Queenie the best kept secret among customers. In fact, so many existing customers introduced their family, friends and colleagues to her that they often bump into each other at the salon!

Skill isn't the only thing that customers love about Queenie though. She may be Taiwanese but you probably can’t tell if you listen to her speak Singlish. She has acclimatised so well that her Singlish is better than most. In fact, we often see her deep in conversation with most customers, who’re share their struggles, life stories and even secrets with her.

Overall, a gem of a Taiwanese stylist we’re glad to uncover in Singapore!

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