Feminity, to me, is the ultimate form of sophistication. My haircuts and perms always incorporate a balance of strength and softness that I believe symbolizes the modern woman.

Senior StylistatHairpage Underground @ South Beach Avenue

Hairpage Underground @ South Beach Avenue

South Beach Avenue

Befitting of her name, Queenie is the queen of perms at Hairpage Underground.

Not too soft, not too wavy, just right and natural looking, her perms leave you with locks that are easy to manage and style. Her strong skill in perm is possibly attributed to her 11 years of hairdressing experience, most of which are in Taiwan. This should not be a surprising given that perms are very popular in Taiwan; the Taiwanese style which balances between Korean-style and Japanese styled perms are highly rated by Singaporean ladies who find Queenie's perms beautiful and easy to manage.

You don't have to go straight into perms if you're not comfortable with the idea of curls. Queenie's cuts incorporate a softness and flow that treads a fine line of harmony between strength and sophistication. Perfect for working ladies!

Skill isn't the only thing that customers love about Queenie. Bubbly and fun to chat with, Queenie makes the entire hair experience so enjoyable and memorable that you're looking forward to the next visit even as you just completed this one. 

A warm and friendly hairstylist who stands out for her skill and passion!