"What would I like, if I were in my customer's shoes?" With that in mind, I try to give my best to every customer!

StylistatAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Somerset Cineleisure

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Somerset Cineleisure

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Don't dismiss Reiko just because she looks like she belongs in a kawaii Japanese anime. This Japanese stylist has more than 13 years of experience as a hairstylist back in Japan. Her specialty? Easily maintainable haircuts, a skill she honed over 10 years at her first hair salon. There, she learned various techniques to design fashionable haircuts for customers of different hair textures, volume and head shape while minimizing styling needs. 

Reiko doesn't just impose her ideas of ideal hairstyles on you though; she will ask about your work, lifestyle and preferences to incorporate what you want into your ideal hairstyle as well. You may face a bit of an obstacle communicating at her at the beginning as she has just arrived in Singapore not too long ago but with her hardworking nature and enthusiasm, we are sure that the obstacle will be easily overcome as her command of English gets better day by day!

Great haircuts aside, Reiko is actually really strong in styling and makeup, having taken part in fashion shows and styling back in Japan. Hence, do ask her for advice on what hair colour or even makeup colour tones best suits your skin to get your money's worth!

Overall, a cute, polite and skilled stylist that will give you a low-maintenance haircut that matches your lifestyle and personality, but with a Japanese touch!

P.S. Reiko loves travelling and scuba diving as well so do trade stories with her if you're keen to find out more about the many places she has explored!