To thank customers for their trust in me, I promise to always being true to my customers and giving my 100% each time"

StylistatRuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

RuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

South Bridge Road

After taking a one-year study break in Spain, Rie is finally back in Singapore! 

A highly popular Japanese stylist, Rie takes personalization to a whole new level by remembering each customer and picking up the conversation from where she last left off. Her conscious effort to make customers feel comfortable and her really lovely perms (honed through her 10 years of experience as a hairstylist!) have gotten her quite a few loyal local customers. Ladies looking for that feminine feel will love her long layered cuts that reduce the weight of the hair without overthinning. While popular among ladies, Rie has also built a strong following among Men due to her ability to jazz up their hair while maintaining a professional image. 

Hair aside, we found it very easy to converse with Rie. Maybe because she's been in Spain for a year and in Singapore for 4.5 years, Rie is proficient in English, making miscommunication less of an issue. In fact, we really enjoy talking to her about our desired hairstyles, favourite Japanese restaurants and even travel plans. As she's been to many European countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Croatia, there is so much we could chat with her about.

On top of her skillful cut and perm, we appreciate how Rie always take the time to share advice about homecare as well as styling so that we too can get celebrity-worthy hairstyles at home without much fuss!