That glint of confidence and sexiness that says that you know what you’re worth … that’s what I aim to achieve with every customer!

DirectoratThe Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Raffles City Shopping Centre

If you're a true rebonding / perm connoiseur, you would have heard of Rina Kil, one of Singapore's best Korean hairstylists in volume rebonding and perm. Rina is so good at what she does that her reputation precedes her; you may not have gotten your hair done by her but your stylist is very likely to have heard about Rina's legendary prowess in volume rebonding / perm. This is perhaps not surprising given that she is after all one of the two Korean stylists who invented the Volume Rebonding technique and bring it to Singapore!

So yes, we had high expectations for Rina and we must say that we're definitely not disappointed after meeting her. On top of her very fluent command of English, Rina speaks with a passion that differentiates her from other stylists. You can feel that she's truly excited about transforming your hair and you can't help feeling a buildup of anticipation as she describes what she visualizes for you in her mind: a celebrity-worthy hairstyle that will change how you see yourself.

Maximum style at minimal time and cost – that’s what you can expect when you make an appointment with Rina Kil, a passionate and outgoing hairstylist you MUST TRY at The Urban Aesthetics.

It's not all talk though. Her confidence, skill and over 15 years of experience in hairdressing shows through the moment she touches your hair. Every step is very well practised and the results, simply stunning. She is able to attain the perfect straight to curl intersection that no matter how you flip your hair, it’ll still look sexy. Although she is best at perms and volume rebonding, her skills at haircut and colour are also among the best. In fact, she has previously clinched the Top 10 Wella TrendVision award and is very popular among men, ladies and caucasian customers for her trendy haircuts.

With all her customers receiving compliments at work, it is no wonder why she has a huge group of customers who know her through word of mouth recommendations!