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Roy Loh

White is White, Black is Black. Customers come to me because I'm really good with hair and because they know that I give them the 100% truth.

Roy Loh - De Salon @ Bugis Village
Roy Loh
DirectoratDe Salon @ Bugis Village

De Salon @ Bugis Village

Rochor Road

For a stylist who won the 1st Prize in Paul Mitchell Outside the Lines Competition in Singapore and the Second Runner Up in the International Edition, Roy is surprisingly modest.

"I'm just lucky", he says. 

In our opinion, luck has very little to do with it. With more than 12 years of experience in hairdressing, Roy has bulit a reputation for himself especially in the area of bob haircuts. He knows exactly where to snip and at what angle to make sure that bob haircut he gives lasts longer than haircuts by other hairstylists. He then complements the sculpted haircut with a hair colour design that best suits you. If you give him the artistic freedom to create as he wishes, Roy will then come up with stunning hairstyles that will make heads turn! The combination of great cut and fabulous colour design combined was probably the central reasons for his win.

Roy however isn't the most talkative hairstylist in the salon. Preferring to focus on his cut, Roy talks the most during the consultation to make sure that he gets the customer requirements right. After that, it is peace and quiet during the hair service until the final hairstyle is unveiled. His singular focus on ensuring perfection and accurate assessment of customer hair has 8 out of 10 new customers coming back to find him again for his signature hair colours and haircut! 

A hairstylist you know can trust your tresses to!