Not everyone can follow their heart to do the things they love to do. I’m fortunate to have found my passion: Giving new life to my customers’ hair!

Sam  - Juz Salon @ Mandarin Gallery Somerset
Artistic DirectoratJuz Salon @ Mandarin Gallery Somerset

Juz Salon @ Mandarin Gallery Somerset

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It’s easy to see why Sam was one of the most popular stylists in Reds Takashimaya before moving to Juz. On top of his good looks and charisma that emanates the vibe of a Hong Kong star, Sam is a perfectionist who has very high expectations of himself and his hair services. In fact, he promises all his customers that they will look better after his hair service than before!

Sam tries to ensure that is the case by doing a thorough consultation with the customer. Sam will share his honest opinions and will not go ahead with the requested service if he doesn’t believe that it suits you. Sam’s honesty and his reassuring confidence are probably the major reasons why he has a strong following among Singapore and overseas customers. Other than local DJ Elliott Danker, he counts Summer Qing and other Hong Kong artistes as his customers; they never fail to look for Sam whenever they drop by Singapore!

Be prepared to be pampered as Sam turns on the charm and make you feel like a celebrity while he cuts and colour your hair (his two specialties)!