Everyone has the right to look and feel good about themselves. I consider it a privilege to be someone who can illuminate and reveal their inner beauty.

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It takes a certain calibre of stylist to be selected as Kim Robinson's Personal Assistant and eventually founding team of Kim Robinson Singapore but that isn't the only reason why we're SO enamored with Sam. Beyond his amazing sense of aesthetics and skill, there's something about Sam that tells us that he is no ordinary hairstylist. On top of his stunning haircuts and colours, there are not many hair salon owners who will greet you upon entry (whether you're his customer or not), get you a complimentary glass of wine from the bar and engage you in a delightful conversation on the latest happenings around town. It is this humility, generosity and intellect all rolled into one that earned him a long line of fans, including a number of successful and highly respected entrepreneurs in Singapore. That doesn't mean that he gives good service only to the wealthy. In fact, a major reason why he founded Mode was to provide hair services that WOW without the $2000 price tag. 

That he believes, start with treating his employees right. By treating his fellow stylists as equals, creating a family-like environment and hiring only stylists with heart, Sam believes that they will extend the same courtesy and great service to customers. And so far, it's working really well; feedback from customers have been overwhelmingly positive. Even stylists themselves have only positive words to say about Sam. 

For those interested to get Sam for a haircut and colour will however have to note that his appointment is often full. Not surprising, given that his signature dry cut, honed over years of training in Vancouver and later directly under Kim Robinson in Hong Kong, is known to bring out your inner glam while being SUPER easy to manage. 

If you already have a regular stylist, DON'T give Sam a try; his cut is so good and the service so unforgettable, you may actually find yourself so addicted. you'll ditch your regular stylist and go back to Sam for more!


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