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Hairdressing is not just my work. It's my life... and a passion I wish to share with everyone!

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Tampines, Tampines One Mall

There aren't many people who know what they want to do for the rest of her life from 5 years of age. 

But Samantha is one of the special few. Influenced by her stylist mom, Samantha began cutting her own hair at age 5, colouring her friends' hair at age 10 and perming her barbie dolls' hair at age 12! Instead of going on to take O Levels, Samantha embarked on a hairdressing course at age 14. This early start enabled Samantha to accumulate more than 15 years of experience despite her young age. 

Before venturing to open her own hair salon, Samantha worked at many top hair salons including Kim Robinson and popular salon Colour House to learn from the best. This exposure further developed her hairdressing skill, strengthened her knowledge about different hair chemicals and sharpened her intuition to give people the hair design they are looking for. That is probably why 9 out of 10 customers who have tried Samantha will go back to her... we hear that there is actually quite a lot of customers who would willingly travel all the way from the West to Tampines just to get their hair coloured by her!

The magic doesn't just lie in her hair colour designs. Samantha makes sure that she uses top quality hair products so that her colours last long and that the hair is minimally damaged! 

She's also very friendly and super knowledgeable about hair, making her our top stylist to look for in Tampines

P.S. Samantha went for Vidal Sassoon haircutting course in London in 2017. One of the few hairstylists who truly understood and applied what she learned, her level of haircuts has improved perceptibly. We recently saw her giving a pixie haircut to a Beauty Undercover reviewer and the result was just WOW!


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