It is important to create a beautiful hairstyle for customers. However, it is even more important that customers know how to manage the new hairstyle back home. That's why I put a lot of emphasis on consultation - this way, I can design something that fits customers' lifestyle so they look beautiful every day!

Senior StylistatAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Marina Square

Snowboarding and wakeboarding... these aren't sports we'd typically associate with the Japanese stylists as demure as Sanae. We were hence positively surprised when she shared about her interest in them and how she enjoys pushing her boundaries to the limit so that she can grow and become a better version of herself.

This is Sanae's philosophy through life and pretty much the same philosophy she applies to hairdressing as well. Not someone who can tolerate mediocrity, Sanae pushes herself to improve time and time again. She started off her career at some of Japan's huge salons including New York New York and Hairdo. There, she picked up her awesome hair colouring skills and heavenly shampooing techniques that make an experience with her all the more memorable. Given her innate nature to push herself, Sanae has after all won numerous internal competitions for haircut colour and makeup so you can imagine how good her skill in. If you tell us to choose though, we'd highly recommend her Grayge brown although she is more than capable of achieving hair colours that are more vivid and playful, depending on your preference.

Skill aside, Sanae is very personable and sincere, making her really easy to like. While there is still room for improvement in English, you can be sure that her command of English will improve in no time given the determination and drive that belies this talented stylist.

Overall, an easy Japanese stylist we'd highly recommend!