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Ever had a haircut so bad it changed your life? Other than ruining her hair (and her self-confidence) for months, this particular haircut drove Irene to learn all about hair so that she will never experience that helplessness and frustration again.

That is also why you'll find that Irene is among the most fussy of hairstylists. Even the slightest imperfection is not tolerated as she will cut, colour or perm your hair to perfection. It is this conscientiousness and high expectations of her own work that got her a huge customer base over the years. Many of them love her perfectly matched hair colours and natural volume rebonding so much that Irene was highly raved as one of Cozycot's top 100 hairstylists! That shouldn't come as a surprise given her strong track record as a top stylist in one of Singapore's biggest hair salon chains for the past 13 years.  

Irene may be fussy with her work but rest assured that she's very friendly and easy to talk to in person. Overall, an experienced hairstylist you can trust and go back to to get you your dream hairstyle, down to the tiniest details!


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