Senior Stylist
atFluxus House @ Outram Park


Seiji- Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Hair is not just hair; it can bring about huge transformation in your life.

Senior StylistatFluxus House @ Outram Park

Fluxus House @ Outram Park

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Previously the regional manager of more than 100 hair salons in the Kanagawa prefecture, Seiji was specially handpicked to join the Singapore team. Seiji has had 13 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, won silver medals in hair competitions and has even attended Vidal Sassoon London! Often regarded as the MVP, Seiji has also been invited to teach occasionally in beauty colleges back in Japan.

With 19 years of experience, he specializes in men's and short hairstyles and is also good with creating curls through perms. The colours he designs are also easy to manage and blends seamlessly with your natural hair colour!