Director Stylist
atHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Selyn Poh

Selyn Poh- HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Hairdressing is like playing the piano. You can't rush things but if you think about it and practise enough, you'll be able to create wonderful music or conversely, beautiful hairstyles that flow from the heart!

Selyn Poh
Director StylistatHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza

Want to make a change but not exactly sure what to do? Selyn is one of those you can trust to share your thoughts with and get your dream hairstyle delivered – without getting judged or hardsold. She has after all more than 10 years of experience at one of Singapore’s top Korean hair salons and has even gone to UK for training under the prestigious Vidal Sassoon London. Her extensive experience and strong grounding in hairdressing skills extremely versatile whether you’re thinking of haircut, perm or colour.

If we must choose though, it is her magic in colour that stands out. Whether you’re thinking about unicorn hair colour, romantic lavender, trendy milky rose or quirky paddlepop, Selyn will find a way to integrate the design into a palatable hair design that looks great on you. That is why you’ll find so many people daring to share hair inspo that they never would have shared with their stylist – simply because she will patiently listen and suggest something workable. Even if you got your hair messed up by someone else, she'll take the time to painstakingly fix every element of your hair design with you.

Colour aside, she has lots of fans for haircuts – thanks to her training in Vidal Sassoon, she is able to create gorgeous flowy bob and layered haircuts that stay in shape longer.

Male clients in the know will also tell you that Selyn’s haircut is able to give you a pop in volume without requiring you to rush back to the salon in 3 weeks as she attempts to cut their hair according to how the hair grows.

To be honest though, Selyn isn’t the chattiest stylist we’ve met – and that may be a good thing. No gossip, no uncomfortable small talk or selling at all because that’s just not her thing. Being Singaporean, she grasps what you want really quickly and is able to give you your dream hairstyle even as you’re ploughing through your work – or your K-drama. If you make the effort to talk to her though, you’ll find that Selyn is one of the most down-to-earth and sincere person you’ll know.

Overall, a highly skillful Singaporean stylist we trust for haircuts and colour!


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