Creative Director Stylist
atBE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Sherlin Yap

我不怕多功。我只想要顾客美美的,满意地走出去! I'm not afraid of hard work! All I want is for customers to walk out of the salon really happy with her hairstyle!

Sherlin Yap
Creative Director StylistatBE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

BE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

The Centrepoint

We've met many hairstylists in Singapore but Sherlin's hair colours clearly stands out from the rest. From the way she juxtaposes different colours to bring out a fresh new vibe to the way she applies balayage with all its details, Sherlin is undisputedly the Colour Goddess colour connoisseurs should not miss in Singapore. She isn't just amazing with colours though; Sherlin has a way with haircut and perm that helped her successfully tame fussy hair for both men and ladies as well!

Skill aside, Sherlin is VERY easy to talk to. With her sincerity and genuine personality, she is someone you can connect immediately and chat with like a friend you haven't met for 10 years. Whether you're talking to her about fashion or about the boyfriend who should have treated you better, Sherlin is someone who will stand on your side and listen to you pour out your inner thoughts. We also love it that she shares with us about the newest fashion accessories so we know what to get to give ourselves that additional sparkle

Overall, a truly outstanding stylist we love to be around and one we know we can trust for life!