Shinji 	- Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Helping customers look good is merely the prerequisite for any hairstylist. I want to go beyond, to provide for customers' heart and make them feel happy!

DirectoratWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

If beautiful hair colours and awesome head spa complete with ayurvedic lymphatic head and shoulder massage is your idea of a perfect hair service, you must try Shinji.

Whether your desired colour requires bleaching or not, Shinji is amazing at mixing the right colours and blending them to perfection. The result? A tailored hair colour that will definitely get you compliments from friends and colleagues. And its not going to be the same colour each time; as Shinji follows hairstyle trends closely, he likes to suggest the latest colours trending on social media if he feels you can carry it off... that's probably why why he is so popular among Singapore, Caucasian customers and even Japanese dancers and influencers back in Japan. (He was also a finalist for a top hair colour competition in Japan) 

Yep, popular online personalities @ta0w0_wei and @b1gqing choose to go to him for hair colours and styling as well!

Colours aside, he is highly sought after by male customers due to his Professional Tapered Men's Cut and awesome head spa. There is an emphasis on looking professional as Shinji understands the demands placed on his customers by work. Hence, he keeps the hairstyle looking stylish without attracting too much attention. His head spa also incorporates a thorough lymphatic head and shoulder massage thanks to his previous ayurvedic training back in Japan!

Overall, a very skillful and outgoing hairstylist who goes the extra mile to make the hair experience with him a special one. 

P.S. Shinji has been working in Singapore for almost 3 years now. So he is able to understand and converse English pretty well! He is humorous and tries his best to give a comprehensive consultation as far as possible.


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