Shobu- COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Boat Quay

It isn't good enough for me that a haircut and colour looks good from just one angle. I make sure that the hairstyle I design looks AWESOME from 360 degrees, no matter the vantage point.

ManageratCOVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Boat Quay

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Boat Quay

Boat Quay

The moment we talked to Shobu, we knew that this stylist is someone special. It isn't just that he's one of the handful who has been to Vidal Sassoon UK for their intensive 2 year training or that he has worked in France, UK and the US before. 

There is a strong commitment to quality that we don't commonly seen in stylists. Even for just a cut or colour, he has sky high expectations for himself; the hairstyle MUST look good from all angles and be considered gorgeous not just by him but by EVERYONE around. And we must say, he certainly met these expectations!

Not sure if it's his Vidal Sassoon training or detailed consultation that gets him understanding the needs of his customers, almost 100% of customers who've tried Shobu's services will go back to him because his haircut and colour is THAT good. The hairstyle is tailored to your fashion sense, the way you carry yourself, is easily manageable yet long lasting. That is probably the reason why Shobu was made to be the educator back at his previous salon in Japan. 

Skill aside, Shobu may not be the most chatty as he prefers to focus on the hair service and give customers a relaxing experience. However, his command of English is really good since he's been in Singapore for some time along with his experience working in Paris styling for models, London working with stage directors and even in the US - so you don't have to worry about miscommunication. 

Overall, an impressive stylist you can trust to deliver stunning hairstyles that will leave you looking and feeling like a star!

P.S. Shobu has recently started a new facial shaving service for both men and ladies - perfect for getting rid of your facial hair. Try it and let us know how it goes!


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