My mission is to make everyone in Singapore look and feel fabulous!

Shota Yane
ManageratThrees Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

The Central

Shota’s affable personality can be felt from the get-go. His easygoing nature, kind smile, and ease of communication made us feel comfortable around him. What started out as a job because he wanted to make himself and his customers look and feel cool is now a lifelong mission. To him, being a hairstylist is about bringing happiness, confidence, and pizzazz into his customers’ lives. So humble and lowkey, Shota has been in hairdressing for 13 years, working as a hairstylist and even working as an educator in Shiseido for 8 years. Don't be surprised therefore to see his features in magazines; he has after all participated and won hair competitions back in Japan.

Take a look at his hair photos and you'll find that Shota has a flair for short bobs. Having done hair and makeup in Japan, he believes that no two customers can have the same hairstyle because of their distinct head shape, facial features, bone structure, hair texture, and so on. Hence, he takes the extra effort to add more detail and texture to short hair, making it more personalised for every customer. This is why many of his customers go back to him; his haircuts are so low-maintenance, you don't have to style or use any products at all!

Do however note that Shota just came to Singapore not too long ago so his command of English isn’t super fluent. However, it’s easy to talk to him because he can understand about 80% of what you say, so you needn’t be worried about miscommunication. In fact, he takes the extra effort to understand you better.

For those of you who do boxing and kickboxing, you may be glad to find that Shota is a big fan of the 2 sports so ask him for a few tips if you are keen.

Overall, Shota is a sincere and zealous hairstylist that you should definitely visit!


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$200 for Cut + Illumina color + Quick treatment (UP: $270) for first-time customers

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20% off all hair services for first-time customers with minimum spending of $50

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$180 for Cut + TOKIO INKARAMI Treatment (up:$240) for first-time customers

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$300 for Cut + Lvpro Rebonding + Kera_drive (UP: $385) for first-time customers

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